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16 year old girl from Norway. This blog is dedicated to the Harry Potter universe, and all the potterheads out there. I am shown as "fancynorwegian" if I follow someone or like a post, since that's my main blog (I would love if you follow me over there to).

Ps: I am StrikeSun2150 on Pottermore.

Anonymous: Hey 🙈 I realized I don't have any HP on my dash so could you recommend me some good blogs who I could follow?😘
my-life-as-me-world: Hi! First of all...I really like your blog! :) I wanted to ask you how were you able to put music on your page ^^ Thank you very much in advance.

Hi, thank you very much! It’s quite simple actually, how I get music on my blog. I just use this site:

Here is a tutorial on how you do it:

thetwelvecompanionsofthorin: You're blog is awesome and I love it. Never stop doing tumblr ♡

Haha, thanks, I will try not to ;)

Anonymous: oh my lord this blog speaks to me on a spiritual level

Hahah, I take that as a compliment ;)